Larry Powell

Larry Powell

My name is Larry Powell. I am in the financial service business with a very unique approach in that I help people FIND MONEY they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

My Philosophy

I believe there is more opportunity to serve my clients by helping them avoid the losses than by picking the winners.

Please view the video below for further explanation. And, feel free to peruse our video library covering everything from Planning your retirement to making the wisest capital purchases.


There Are Two Ways to Help People Financially
  1. Find a better product that potentially pay higher returns often requiring more risk.
  2. Be more efficient by avoiding unnecessary losses



homeowners insurance








Five Major Area of Wealth Transfers

Where people are potentially losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily:

  1. How they pay for their house (mortgage)
  2. Taxes (taxes)
  3. How they fund their retirement account ( qualified plans)
  4. How they pay for their child’s education cost (education cost)
  5. How they pay for major capital purchases like cars, weddings, vacations, (major purchases)
I can give you solutions to these potential problems in less than 10 minutes. Contact me today to learn how to Find Money for your future.